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Testimonials From Prop-Masters

I work in film and TV production in New York City and Karl Business Machines is an invaluable resource for vintage and antique typewriters, copiers, bond traders and calculators.  Rick who helped me can find anything! He has so much knowledge. Everything they rented to us, though forty years old, was in pristine working condition. It's a huge relief knowing Rick is there for all my office typewriter prop rental needs.

Barbara, NY

I was working on a period movie from 1967 and was in need of 12 matching IBM Selectric I typewriters for one of our sets. There were several requirements that had to be met. They all had to match in color and of course all be working. Where else do you go for something like this? Karl Business Machines of course. I thought it was a tall order but Rick didn't bat an eye. Three weeks later I had perfectly matched typewriters for the Police Station. Everyone on set was very impressed. I was very happy.

Thanks to everyone at Karl Business Machines

David, NY

"Rick and the entire Karl Business Machines staff were extremely professional and accommodating in helping our company secure several typewriters for our Super Bowl event. At any time of the day Rick was available to answer every beck and call that we may had. Without hesitation he would call us to make sure we received emails or pictures of the product and ensured that we were satisfied with our purchase. Karl Business Machines guaranteed a speedy and efficient turnaround time all the way from placing the order to delivering it to our doorstep which did not disappoint.  If I am ever in need of another typewriter I would without a doubt choose Karl Business Machines again"


Mario, Chicago

Typewriter Rentals


IBM Selectric I IBM Selectric I
IBM Selectric I Typewriter - 1961
IBM Selectric II IBM Selectric II
IBM Selectric II Typewriter - 1973
IBM Selectric III IBM Selectric III
IBM Selectric III Typewriter - 1980
IBM Selectric
IBM Model C Typewriter - 1959
IBM Model B
IBM Model B Typewriter - 1954 IBM Electromatic Typewriter - 1934
Underwood Manual Typewriter - 1931 Oliver Typewriter #5 - 1907-1914
Monroe Bond Trader Monroe Bond Trader
Monroe Bond Trader
Friden Adding Machine Friden Adding Machine
Friden Adding Machine -1949
Sharp Calculators
Sharp Calculators - Pre 1986

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